Seishun Heavy Rotation
Chapter: 3
Nao falls in love at first sight with the hottie prince Haruna-kun, who helps her overcome anxiety during the high school entrance examination. She safely gets into high school and feels that she’s fated to the guy sitting next to her. However, Haruna-kun is very popular and has a habit of saying “I hate girls who tell me they like me.”. Even so, Haruna-kun still messes with Nao. Nao gradually ...
I Favor The Villainess
Chapter: 29
Ordinary office specialist Oohashi Rei awakens in the body of the hero of her most loved otome game, Revolution. To her joy, the principal individual to welcome her is additionally her number one person, Claire Francois-the fundamental adversary of the story! Presently, not set in stone to sentiment Claire rather than the game's male leads. Be that as it may, how might her awful woman cherish r...
After God
Chapter: 38
Japan has been "invaded" by the gods. Tokyo, dwelling place of the gods, has been declared a "danger zone" and tightly sealed off by an impenetrable fence. A girl by the name of Waka keeps gazing beyond the fence's boundaries. Waka came to Tokyo from Saga in order to see her friend, but there she meets Tokinaga, a researcher who had been vigilantly guarding the city. It's this meeting that will...
The Eve Festival
Chapter: 23
The story of 2 highschool students and their growth as they have a hard time around immature adults.
Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou
Chapter: 29
When corporate specialist Rei Ohashi finds herself reawakened as the hero of her #1 dating sim, it's the ideal chance to do what she's generally needed — allure the villainess! In her past life, Rei cared very little about the sovereigns the game brought to the table. She had an exclusively keen interest in Claire François, her foe. Presently, furnished with her broad information on the game... is a Free website to download and read manga online. We have a big library of over 600,000 manga chapters in all genres that are available to read or download for FREE without registration. The manga is updated daily to make sure no one will ever miss the latest chapter on their favorite manga. If you like the website, please bookmark it and help us to spread the words. Thank you!

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